Coaching assumptions

Coaching paradigm

Coaching as a paradigm is based on several assumptions about people and human nature, assumptions that set it apart from other traditional psychological models.

Based on some of the basic premises of Self-Actualization Psychology, Coaching builds itself around the following ideas (*):

  • People have an innate urge for growth and development.
  • People naturally self-actualize as they feel secure, safe, validated, and respected.
  • People operate from positive intentions, seeking to fulfill their values and visions.
  • People get off track through limiting beliefs, erroneous ideas, and cognitive distortions;
  • People have sufficient resources to solve their problems;
  • People mostly need guidance and some facilitation in order to access their resources and make their dreams happen;
  • People will naturally assume responsibility and ownership and become proactive in living if given a chance.

* Source: Coaching Conversations for Transformation (Robert Dilts, Michelle Duval, L. Michael Hall)